OIKLA is a  London based company that focuses on sound perception.

The project started in 2015 by trying to find a solution that would let anyone enjoy the rich sound perception obtained at higher sound levels but at a safe volume, so hearing lower sound pressure levels and therefore less dangerous.

The core technology is based on the well known "equal loudness contours", curves that show how sound perception depends on the sound levels at which we listen. Generally, the higher the sound levels the better we perceive the lower and the higher relative to the mid-frequency range, reason as to why millions tend to increase the sound level to obtain a much better sound experience which consequently makes it dangerous for our medium to long term hearing health.

What we made at OIKLA is to break the dependency between sound perception and sound levels. This way it is possible to decide a perceptive level, independently from the sound levels; for example, it is possible to specify a sound perception level, one experienced at the cinema (~85 dB) or to the club (~95 dB) whilist the sound pressure level is well within the safe sound levels.

This is the first step toward a much more ambitious project, so to make it a standard for production and reproduction of audio content (encoding-decoding), where the sound creator will be able to decide and encode metadata within the media format, the sound perception that the final end-user will be perceiving independently of the sound pressure level. Once the audio reaches the final user,  OIKLA's technology will process the audio according to the metadata and the current end-user sound level in real-time, meaning that if the listening level changes the processing do too.