Shape any sound sources around psychoacoustic.



​MacOS - Catalina 10.15.7 and above

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How It works

Frequency Spectrum

Noise Control


Download the session you see in this video on Logic X, Pro Tools or Ableton and see how SHAPE can be used directly in your DAW.





It provides an immediate way to apply loudness compensation.

SHAPE’s core works by adjusting the intensity of Loudness Compensation to the original signal both negatively or positively.

This allows for quick and smooth application of variable loudness intensity effect. 

The knob determines the amount of predetermined EQ shape applied to the signal. The action range spans from -65 to +65.

This represents perceived frequency balance variation of the human brain between a decrease of -65 dB from the neutral position, and an increase of +65 dB from neutral position. 0 will result in a flat EQ

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In High mode, Shape will alter only the High end of the frequency spectrum from 3khz up.

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In Full mode, Shape will alter the whole frequency spectrum

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In Low mode, Shape will alter only the low end of the frequency spectrum 3khz down

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When it's lit, Shape is on. When it’s not, SHAPE is bypassed.

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