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Spectral Harmoniser Auditory Perceptual Enhancer

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AAX |  VST3 |  AU

Grammy Award Winner Engineer & Producer

Ricky Damian

Adele | Mark Ronson | Lady Gaga

"SHAPE adds so much beef and so much presence to my drums... With the lack of better words SHAPE is so musical, so ear  friendly and easy to use" 

How It works

What Our User Say

SHAPE offers a fresh take on EQ, focusing on psychoacoustics and equal loudness curves. This powerful, user-friendly plugin enables you to fine-tune the perceived loudness and frequency balance of any sound in a way that is natural, ear-friendly, and inspiring.



Experience Perception, the breakthrough audio technology that fine-tunes equal loudness contours for a safe, immersive, and personalized listening experience. Upgrade your audio while prioritizing your hearing with Perception.

Different sound levels affect how loud low and high frequencies are perceived compared to mid frequencies.




Your experience of sound is more than just "vibrations" travelling through the air. Read our BlogPost

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