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AAX |  VST3 |  AU

Increase Perceived Loudness &
Depth To Any Sound 


Patent Pending Technology

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Ricky Damian

"SHAPE adds so much beef and so much  presence to my drums... With the lack of  better words SHAPE is so musical, so ear  friendly and easy to use" 

Grammy Award Winner Engineer & Producer

Rcky Damian

Adele | Mark Ronson | Lady Gaga | Miley Cyrus | Yebba | Sampha | Jorja Smith





How It Works

Master Sound Perception at the turn of a knob 

3 Modes

Decide The Frequency Range you want to SHAPE

High Mode

Step 6.png

Only the High end of the frequency spectrum from 3khz up is altered

Full Mode

Step 4.png

In Full mode, Shape will alter the whole frequency spectrum

Low Mode

Step 5.png

Only the Low end of the frequency spectrum from 3khz up is altered

Different sound levels affect how loud low and high frequencies are perceived compared to mid frequencies.

Your experience of sound is more than just "vibrations" travelling through the air

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